About Us

We are a company dedicated to the distribution of tools and supplies for the agricultural and livestock sector in México. Thanks to our services and wide experience within the agricultural trade, we have developed into a profitable enterprise focused on offering, through our Website, imported agricultural products with a simple click of the mouse. We also have a trustworthy and nationwide shipping service, and with different ways of paying to ease the acquisition of all our products.

Since 2008, we have created a strong business relationship with American brand NASCO®, which allows us to offer a variety of guaranteed products, ensuring the overall satisfaction of each of our clients and creating long-term relationships, while improving the modernization of the countryside on our nation.

Also, since 2010, we have worked as the exclusive and national distributors of the Scottish brand BCF™ Technology: one of the leading brands in the production of high-quality ultrasound equipment for the veterinary industry and with a large presence around the world. We are fully supported by their plant to offer after-sales services, and we also have presence in the north, centre, and southern México with experienced supporters on training and consultancy services, to ensure the total efficiency of your investment.